Combed cotton, what is it?


Some good quality garments and socks contain combed cotton, but what is combed cotton, how is it made and how does it differ from "normal" cotton?

How is combed cotton made? 

You comb your own hair with the intention of getting it in a desired direction and possibly removing any loose hair. This is how the process of combed cotton works: cotton yarns are combed before spinning. This removes the shortest and most vulnerable fibers from the wire. This makes the yarn softer, smoother and stronger.


Combed cotton is softer and stronger than regular cotton

The benefits of combed cotton

Combed cotton is therefore more sustainable than 'ordinary' cotton. This ensures, for example, that socks are less likely to fluff over time due to washing. The better quality also ensures a more breathable and moisture-absorbing capacity of the fabric, which is a lot more comfortable for the do-it-yourselfers among us who have made face masks from their socks. 

Why doesn't every clothing brand use this better cotton for its products? That's a question for you and for us too! Maybe they want you to run holes in your socks faster, who knows. One thing we do know for sure; our socks last a long time thanks to the combed cotton.


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